A large amount of garbage is tossed
about space around the earth.

「Isn't this true of the impact!?」

「Yes,There was a waste problem also in space.
This garbage is called 'Space debris'. 」
「Is it shavings of the skin of the apple or the pencil?」

「To our regret, it is not such the popular one.
The tool and parts, etc. that the main body and the astronaut of the rocket used to launch the space satellite and the satellite,
etc. that became unavailability by becoming old and breaking down dropped extend variously in the true colors of this space debris.

However, all garbage [nanoja] that we men has invented in the history of the space development. 」
「Oh...Space is completely made dirty. 」
「Moreover, space has not been only made dirty.
These space debris are taken up as a space satellite, a manned spacecraft acting now,
and an international problem might harm even the astronaut in a word.

Problem of serious space debris

「It is only a space debris of the size of 10cm or more and, now, 22000 pieces exist on the orbit. 」
「It seems to be unexpectedly ..that.. small. Largeness or more was imagined. 」
The one really scared is the speed only in a certain size though can thought wonderful.
In the low orbit of the high degree 2000 the km or less, these move at per second 7-8km/s one speed. As for the debris of about 10cm, said ahead, the spaceship seems to be destroyed completely if colliding.
「Oh...It was the after all frightening one. Are not any measures given?」
「Of course, each country is taking measures of what loans.
The most important thing is not to increase the number of needless space debris. Might not increase the number of debris by damaging when operating it, and separating,
the design and the operation of the spacecraft are done further more carefully.
Moreover, eyes of the watch always shine for a comparatively big debris. This monitoring activities are called space guard.
The Space Surveillance Network of North American aerospace defense command (NORAD) is famous in the typical one. 」
「It is very cool name!」
「It is worked on this space guard in Japan, and beautiful star space guard center of Okayama, Kamisaibara space guard center really take the duty」
「As for the space debris, it is safe for the time being if they are. 」
「However, when it is forgotten that it is not a complete solution, it doesn't become it. The technology that removes the space debris directly might be needed in the future. The human race is space and a big barrier and it are the space debris. small to advance.」

Distribution of debris going around orbit less than an altitude of 2,000km

Distribution of debris going around orbit less than an altitude of 2,000km

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