On June 13, 2010,The Asteroid Explorer "HAYABUSA" returned to the earth after the macrocosm voyage for seven years.
What is the HAYABUSA? I want to introduce the HAYABUSA.



「What is HAYABUSA?」
「The HAYABUSA is a name of an Asteroid Explorer launched on May 9th, 2003. HAYABUSA was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture to the Space.」
「Um, I don't understand it. In the first place, what is the duty of the Asteroid Explorer?」
「The HAYABUSA's duty was to get the dusts, gases and sands from the surface of the asteroid.」
The satellite photograph of Itokawa (c)JAXA
「Yes, I feel like having understood it! So, please tell me the origin of the name of HAYABUSA.」
HAYABUSA was to finish landing, sample extraction, and a takeoff in about 1 second. It says that the signs were likened with the peregrine Hayabusa.
「Hayabusa is smart!
But from what did Hayabusa Project begin? 」
「Hayabusa Project began from the pencil rocket. 」
「Pencil rocket?」
「Yes, Dr. Hideo Itokawa, alias "a rocket doctor", flew a rocket socalled pencil rocket like only 23-cm pencil in 1954. 」
「That is right , doctor! Although a car runs using oil, what was HAYABUSA moving as power in space?」
「HAYABUSA was powered by an ion engine!」
Ion engine(c)JAXA
「Ion engine? I feel like having heard the word ION somewhere… Please tell me clearly!」
「If it says intelligibly, static electricity is generated at the reaction of ion and it is powered by it. That's ecological. It is fuel-efficient! 」
「Hmm, it's nice it is heard just for a moment!」
「Yes, the United States having studied an ion engine in old days, but this having stopped a study that there was not utility. What Japan had its eyes on an ion engine and repeated a study for a study, and carried the ion engine to an asteroid space probe for the first time in the world. It was made a fool with the space probe which carried an ion engine from the other countries, but was able to show the splendor of the ion engine and height of the Japanese space technology to the world by finishing a duty safely, and having come back to the earth! ! 」
「As is expected, it is technical large country Japan! After all it is great! Hurrah!」
「However, all did not go well.」
「What kind of thing is it?」
「During the first ignition, in one of four engines, the tune worsened, and operation stopped.」
「Is it all right?」
「Because I assumed every all cases, as for the person concerned of the Hayabusa, this was expected.
The plan was pushed forward without a problem with a substituted engine.
There not being a problem, and more than two years having passed, but a new problem attacking the Hayabusa.

「New problem…?」

「Three reaction wheels, so-called control system, one have been broken.
In the space, if there is a little driving force, it continues moving forever (Law of inertia).
The direction of the body had to be changed little by little toward the target,but it has failed one.
But it not having been a catastrophe because the body was controlled by the two remaining engines,and it succeeded. .
However, an unexpected thing happening for the first time here.」
「What is it?」
「Another one engine had been broken.」
「What kind of fearful thing!」
「Yes, it is the critical situation.The person concerned was beginning to give it up, but they did not give it up. They decided to control its posture with a chemical promotion engine. 」

「But because it is an engine, fuel is necessary, didn't the fuel of the engine run short? ?」
Because it did not become running out of fuel, they developed a thorough saving program immediately and sent it to the Hayabusa.」
「Oh, they are excellent truly! Intelligence!」
「I agree.」

And finally ...!

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