「You know Himawari meteorological satellite . 」
「It is a name often heard by the weather forecast etc. of the television.
There is a Himawari meteorological satellite up to No.7. Did you know it?,PhD?」
「Oh,It knows well.
So,Do you know it though are between the Himawari meteorological satellite No.5,
the sunflower No.6 from the founder sunflower, and seven titles the difference by one?

「Hmm……It did not know it. 」
「The number of us seems to have been one good.
I explain "Himawari meteorological satellite" including such a point.」
Himawari No.5

Actual image of Himawari No.5 (c)JAXA


「What is the one difference?」
「In fact, the purposes as the satellite are different.
To Himawari No.5
"Geostationary Meteorological Satellite"
It is launched as a part of the earth atmosphere observation plan of the World Meteorological Organization
It was a main purpose to observe a weather condition of the earth
「I see,It was right "a weather satellite".」
「It is the sunflower No.6 and the sunflower No.7 that it acts now, weather information is offered to us, and exists.
These are 'MTSAT(Multi-functional Transport Satellite)'.
Because the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Meteorological Agency had developed jointly,
it became such a satellite.
Because an enormous budget that hung to the satellite development was not able to be managed to raise in single the Meteorological Agency.
Then, it became such a form because it had united it to the flight control satellite of diplomatic relation ministry Civil Aviation Bureau.
Therefore, the airframe is also very large compared with No.5.
「Then, is there work besides the meteorological observation?」
「Exactly.There are the weather mission and an Airlines mission in MTSAT.
The weather mission is to observe the weather literally with an optics system equipment.
For example, this is the weather image which the first sunflower photographed first.
A weather image to use the sunflower for a weather forecast since this photograph was taken
I continue contributing it to East Asia, the countries of the Pacific region as well as Japan.
「It is a favor of the Himawari meteorological satellite that I was neatly brought the umbrella today. 」
「Next,In the Airlines mission, the Himawari meteorological satellite relays the communication done between the ground and the aircraft.
Moreover, the position-fix accuracy of the GPS system that uses it for the car navigation system etc. has been reinforced.
「It unexpectedly takes an active part by many fields when thinking only the weather. 」

Facing the Earth at any time

Himawari No.7
「It is the Himawari No.7 that assists our life by this now and is. 」
「It is easy to grip the image when there is an image. 」
「This succession machine, so-called 'The sunflower No.8' and 'The sunflower No.9', launches in 2016 2014 and it becomes a schedule.
In the schedule that becomes "Geostationary Advanced Earth Observing Satellite" greatly strengthening the earth observation function this time.
It is said that volume of data increases to 50 times the value of present because longevity makes to long life,
and increases from 10 present years to 14 years the resolution and the observation frequency.
「It is correct that our weather forecast becomes more highly accurate when becoming it so. By the way, do you know the origin of the pet name doctor and 'Himawari'?」
「Hmm……Why were we?I forgot it .」
「It can not be helped, PhD.
The Himawari flower always makes the flower bloom toward the sun, and changes the direction of the flower as time passes. 」
「It is the street when said so. 」
The weather satellite 'Himawari' always turns the earth, and is the same direction seen and will it turn once a day round the earth?
Therefore, the name of the sunflower was given.
「Aha.The life is true of the impact that fights over 1 and 2. 」
「Find out what the doctor does not know after all; better seed, I!」
「At this rate, in honor of Dr. Chu child universe Must be give」
「May I succeed in this place now?」
「To do so,It is necessary to do the quiz
and whether to acquire the knowledge of the space development learnt on this site neatly to try.
As a result, it is supplementary lessons very hard when gradually depending during another hour.
「Wow!? I did not hear…」