Epsilon Launch Vehicle

「Space approaches us one after another!」
「What is happening with you.Suddenly a loud voice.」
「It is a word street. Space is not far at all for us.
Especially, it appears remarkably in respect of the space development.
It is "Epsilon Launch Vehicle" to have enabled this.」
Epsilon Launch Vehicle flight image


The epsilon shows the Ε of the Greek alphabet. To the name of the rocket of Japan
The Greek alphabet has been used from generation to generation.

Epsilon is an important reason

「Hmm……What is at present terrible is not understood well. 」
「It has not explained yet. 」
「Explain early, and it is anxious. Is it a rocket that uses it to begin with for what?」
「It chiefly uses it to launch the small satellite.This is keypoint.」
「Small satellite?」
「The small satellite is launched in a special orbit on each occasion because it is used for a special usage
unlike the Advanced Earth Observing Satellite and large satellites such as communications and the measurement satellites.
「I see.However,can you correspond with the current rocket in case of it?, can you correspond with the current rocket in case of it?」
「However,As for the use of the current rocket to launch only the small satellite, it digs into one's purse too much,
and such a detailed orbit correction is difficult.
Therefore, the development of a smaller, cheaper, easier epsilon rocket has been hoped for.

「Indeed, the development finally got on the right track. 」
「Just Satellite」

Reasonable Epsilon

「The of course terrible one is not only this. 」
「It is inexpensive above all. Space development costs money.
Consider that I should cut it by a cost cut, but feel that there few it.」
「For instance, do you know how many yen of money to cost to launch
the liquid-fuel rocket that JAXA uses as of now and the H-IIA rocket once?」
「Hmm……Is it about 8 million 896 thousand yen?」
「It has fairly carved it. The correct answer is from 8.5 billion to about 12 billion yen. 」
「Do you hang so much?」
「Exactly.However, it will be able to be called inefficiency very much to put this amount of money ,
because a cheap thing is a feature in the small satellite. 」
「It is an amount of money at my life of the future by no embarrassment. 」
「However, if it is this epsilon rocket, it is lowered up to about 3.8 billion yen below the half.
Finally, I will reduce the cost further attempting the improved productivity etc. ,
and reduce the launch cost up to three billion yen.

「I feel it to be very cheaper than an amount of money of a little while ago.」
「 It simplify motor structure and prevent you from spending money
on development as much as possible by putting a Japanese existing technique together.

「I felt like seeming to be able to gradually launch it to me.」
「It is because of the nature, and it might be impossible in the amount of money that exists in your purse. 」

Awesome Epsilon

「It is exactly feeling of compilation of the rocket technology of Japan. 」
「Space must approach us, and, because, in this.」
Epsilon Launch Vehicle flight image
「Besides, does not this epsilon have the feature?」
「I was good and heard it. I said, "I am handy" a while ago, but, in fact,
have a very short time for preparations that I begin to hit.」
「You say?」
「After the first step is placed in the launch place and it puts it, the solid propellant rocket 'M-V rocket'
used ..strong.. lies for one month in Japan before until actually launching it.
However, the epsilon goes through the preliminaries on in only one week the seventh. 」
「It is what early!」
「If it is a prompt preparation only for this, the small satellite be able to be launched in haste when it is urgent,
and be likely to come to do the situation of the disaster etc. with space also by the action of confirmation. 」
「It is an exactly fit usage in Japan where a lot of earthquakes and the eruptions exist. 」
「Moreover, various equipment installed by the airframe have the self-diagnosis function.
The computer can automatically check oneself in a word. 」
「Self management can be done from me……」
「Even more,The control system was able to be integrated into an easy equipment at the notebook computer level
in this epsilon though many had had to use an equipment special as for the control of the rocket up to now. In a word,
theoretical can launch the epsilon wherever it is all over the world.

「Simple is best!
The threshold of the space development has been lowered fast. 」
「Surely,on the day when Hiroko satellite is launched, this sulks without being so long.」
「Lets see White Label Space Japan」

White Label Space Japan