「Is it looked at up at the moon in the night sky?」
「It is a heavenly body that comes into view most first if it looks up into the sky. 」
「Yes, a heavenly body and it that is the nearest from the earth are the moons.
However, still understanding in spite of familiarity is a little. 」
「Oh, was it so?」
「 The lunar explorer deflecting of Japan launched to
observe such the moon in "Kaguya". 」
Lunar explorer Kaguya


「Kaguya was launched as the first in Japan and large-scale a lunar explorer on September 14, 2007.
This project name is
SELENE(SELenological and ENgineering Explorer)』
Of course ,the origin of the name of the spacecraft is……」
Princess Kaguya!
「その通り、Are named after the Tale of the Bamboo-Cutter
「What is the purpose of this spacecraft?」
「They are various observations for the use of the search for the origin
and the evolution of the moon and the moons of the future.
The composition, geographical features, the subsurface structure, and the magnetic anomaly etc.
of the element and the mineral on the monthly bulletin side were observed.

「Utilization of the month?」
「It is thought that there are abundantly scarce mineral and underground resources in the moon in the earth.
Moreover, the plan that the human race will migrate to the moon in the future is thought here and there.
It was investigated whether this was actually possible. 」
「I see.」

High end observation equipments

「It is actually an  inquiry of world's largest scale this SELENE project
and Apollo project since then on the moon ploject
「Apollo since then!?」
「The world's attention seems not to have turned to the moon there.
It is only with a plan for attentions to gather so much, and considerable
high end observation equipment was carried.
「What one did you exist?」
「First of all, the gamma rays spectrometer as the elementary analysis.
Geographical features camera to examine geographical features surface structure.
This applies the binocular vision ,in a word, the principle of 3D image.
In addition, the corpuscular rays observation device for the investigation of the moon environment.
This observes the distribution such as the helium ions and electrons.
As a result, in examining the relativity of the moon environment and the solar activity.
A lot of observation equipment was still put. 」
「I do not understand it deeply, but seem to be great!」
「And, not forgetting….」
「What?Is there still it?」
It is a high-definition television camera for the space reconnaissance flight that NHK jointly developed with JAXA.
The theory top can bear it at one 120 times the gravity of the earth.」
「C…Camera!, what did it take?」
「What is called signs that the earth goes up from the horizon of the moon, and "Earthrise" were taken.
「There might be a lot of people who remember because it was able to broadcast this image even by the feature program of NHK, too. 」
「I have watched this photograph!」
「Would be so.
And, the appearance on the monthly bulletin side was clearly caught
and this high-definition television camera was delivered to the earth.
For instance, it is surface of the earth in the southern hemisphere in the moon that introduces next.
「It is high definition very much. I understand a surface state clearly」
「There are a lot of things that understand based on this high-definition television image. 」

Result of observation and future

「What is having understood?」
「It is thought for years that the South Pole of the moon and here will be frozen for example,
however, it became clear in analyzing these pictures that there was no ice. 」
「Oh,That is a shame.」
「It is certainly regrettable. However, it to be can not be only coming of course.
Firstly,It was confirmed that there was actually a jet mark of the 15th Apollo lander.
Though there was a person who insists, 'Apollo project doesn't actually go to the moon'
Firm evidence of it will have been presented.
「Did it still remain? 」
「In the moon, the atmosphere is the Japanese pampas grass squids compared with the earth.
It is additionally because there is not what is cut down because of rain etc. either.
In addition, it was resultful. But a typical thing ,The pit of 65m in diameter 80-90m
in depth was discovered in the place of Marius hill in the west of table side "Ocean of Storms" of the moon, to be.
「65 m in diameter .... It is time of me the uncanny large hole. 」
「Result of analyzing position of sunlight and shadow inserted in this hole
As for the pit under, it has been understood that there seems to be a tunnel of the width 370m and 20-30m in height. 」
「Wow!It is large more and more. !」
「Moreover,This tunnel has the possibility of the lava cave which attains to 10 km of length numbers.
It is likely to be able to use it in the future as human race's moon base. 」
「It is too big-scale! 」

「Does this SELENE project end by 'Kaguya'?」
「It doesn't end still. SELENE-2 plan is progressing now.
It descends directly to the surface of the moon in the explorer in the next plan, and they are made to run in the robot craft.
It aims at achievement about the middle of the 2010's.
「Is live coverage from the moon seen again while it is near?」
「It might be achieved.
In addition, if this SELENE-2 project is achieved, the mystery of the moon is sure to be clarified. 」
「I hope it realized in the near future. It waits in expectancy!」