「Space development in the future」

The space development of Japan of the future is learnt.

「The history of the space development has been understood well. However, do you end by this?」
「There is no such a thing. A lot of projects are progressing all over the world now.
Of course, it is this Japan. 」
「The power of people aims at space in the place where I do not know. 」
「Exactly.All ages when are same to hold space and the interest. 」
「Please teach the project!」

The dream to space doesn't stay still.

The technology of the world highest level is concentrated again. "He" flies away to further deep space again!

Epsilon Launch Vehicle
Space is nearer, and is cheaper. The space development is compact more.

White Label Space Japan
I want to go to the moon also in Japan. Space development that this is open. To whose hand does the X prize ?