「Hiroko must not known 'Hayabusa' any longer. 」
「Of course, and the story was just heard a little while ago.
Oh, please read here if there is the person who does not yet read.
People of JAXA worked hard very much. 」

「Do you talk on earth toward who?
Then, do you know 'Hayabusa 2'?」
「Hayabusa two? It heard it for the first time. Is it Hayabusa's succession machine?」
「Became good guess.
It aims at the inquiry of an older planetoid while the street and Hayabusa 2
also are developing as well as last time for the inquiry in the planetoid now. 」

What kind of place "asteroid" old

「It is broken during the time when, that means, probably the asteroid has a long old asteroid and
Though it is tattered and is newer, let's do it!」
「I did not have the idea. It does not become so in the outer space.」
「Space is a vacuum, and doesn't have what where rain and the wind blow either.
Geographical features doesn't break, and geological features change because of course, there is not a reason where the person exists either. 」
「Indeed,That's right when said so. 」
「Then, the reason to inquire into an old planetoid has been understood slowly. 」
「What? Was there an answer in the current conversation?」
「Is it difficult?Then, let's put out knit one hint.
The planetoid was almost completed with the earth etc. at a simultaneous period when this solar system was able to be done. 」
「Hmm……? The doctor said, 'Geological features do not change' a little while ago.
And, 'When the solar system was able to be done, it was possible to combine it' is a said hint …….
「Apparently, it seems to have noticed.
In other words it is, "composition such as a then mineral, water, the organic matter which the solar system was prepared into is saved in the same form".」

The purpose of this aim the stars

「Then, the characteristic of this planetoid is a translation related to the purpose of Hayabusa 2. 」
「Of course,First of all, to the first purpose There is 'Origin of the solar system, evolution, and clarification of the raw material of the life'. 」
「Hmm……It is a doctor though does. use a difficult word.」
「I doesn't say it is easy this year.
The mineral and the organism, etc. that remain in the planetoid are materials as it is that exist in the first stage of the solar system.
It means what evolution the solar system has accomplished up to now by the search how for they acted mutually is understood. 」
「In other words,What has changed in the first ever material that make up the solar system Is it that, know.」
「It is that kind of thing.」
「In 'Clarification of the raw material of the life', saying is the same thing.
The material with the solar system first was changed and it was possible to do we even in living things.」
「Exactly.It might be able to reach the origin of life at last from the planetoid. 」
「It gets excited somehow!
Where did the life come, and the hint also to space……
「The second are had even if it is said the first a little while ago. 」
「You guessed, The second purpose has "the establishment of the farther space exploration technology, development".
If I am going to explore an asteroid newly, I need a technique newly again.
And I really explore an asteroid and practice it and collect data.
An exploration technology deepens by this repetition steadily.
If do so it, one step of Japan leads the world in this field; can do it and,
When I will do the exploration that is high relative difficulty more in the future, it can become the base.

「I see. It will stare in the future. 」
「Exactly.Practicing it is important. 」
「The doctor's research doesn't connect the truth due to a failure alone though it says so. 」
The failure is called mother of the success.
「You took a defiant attitude. 」

What exploration?

「Is what Hayabusa 2 actually does understood?」
「Is not the putting out souvenir picture taken with great pains either?It is a precious lesson. 」
「It is certainly a precious lesson probably. It is a correct answer a little to actually take the photograph. 」
「Is it true?Is it does pose and free??」
「Hayabusa's 2 taking the pose will think it is difficult.
It is not such a photograph in it.
The planetoid is inquired into from the surface
with an optical camera and an infrared rays spectrometer, etc.」
「'Sand of itokawa' was able to be gathered last time. Is the sample collection done this time?」
「Of course,This time, a small research robot is used for this collection. 」
「The research robot investigates directly, the asteroid surface can be observed in detail, and the sample collection should be able surely to be achieved. 」
「A new technology is a thing this.And it return the earth.」
「No,It doesn't end still with hesitancy. Crater is made in the planetoid at the end. 」
「Not only the surface but also the structure in the planetoid can be observed by making Crater.
If safety can be confirmed, the sample collection from the inside is scheduled to be done」
「Wow!I think a terrible material to be going to be found. I believe it.」

Good luck Hayabusa 2

「Will I show the image image of 'Hayabusa 2' at the end?」
Rendezvous of Hayabusa 2 and planetoid


「Oh, It is cool.」
「In the launch, it is at 2020 to return to the earth in 2014.
The analysis of the sample starts in around 2021.

「A large project for seven years or more starts starting. 」

「An extraordinary plan has been heard.
I good also pay attention for a long time in the future. 」

「Well, let's take a look at Epsilon rocket!」