"The history of space development of Japan "

Let's learn about the history of what Japan's space program has done this far.

「Excuse me,Doctor」
「Well. What's up Sorako?」
「Please tell me about Japanese Space Development
「It is my homework.」
「Oh I see. Well...I know a little.」
「OK.First,when did it start?
「It started in1950.」
「Please tell me more.」
「Sorry...I only know a little.」
「Just a minute. I have a good idea.」
「I am a doctor. I can make a good robot.
I made a clever robot. It can answer all questions!」
「Oh! It's great!!」
「Look!This is 【Robo Tan】」
「Nice to meet you Sorako.」
「Thank you.」
「Wow! Can I do my homework with this?」

To the 1950s