The 1950s

「When did space development start in Japan?」
「Professor Hideo Itokawa founded the "Institute of Industrial Science, at the University of Tokyo" in 1952.
That is when it is said that the beginning of space development in Japan began. 」
「It was in 1952. It is just 60 years ago. 」
「Then,the development of the Pencil rocket began.」
「What is it? The rockets had a form like a pencil ?」
「That's right. The full length of the first pencil rocket was 230 mm and its weight was 0.202 km. It seemed to be like a pencil. 」
「It was only 230 mm... 23 cm is too small !」
「That's right.」
「Japanese people are now able to make bigger rockets where many pedrie are able to ride within, and it only took 60 years !? It is great ! 」

「What kind of thing was made after the pencil rocket? 」
「The "Baby rocket" and "Kappa rocket"were next in the 1950s. 」
「Those are strange names.」
「Don't say such a thing. 」

「First, it introduces from the "Baby rocket."
「I understan. 」
「It was made as the second step in the rocket development plan of Institute of the Industrial Science, at the University of Tokyo.」
「Rocket is it what kind of? 」
「The Baby rocket has three variations the sizes and the purposes are also different for each.」
「Please let me know in order.」

「Okay. The first rocket is "Baby S" launched in 1955 first. This S meant "Simple" , and it was only for the test of flight performance as the name suggests」
「It is really simple. 」
「The full length of that rocket was 1,240 mm and it had a diameter of 80 mm, and its weight was 10 kg. 」
「Twings that are 124 cmare only the size of first graders in elementary school.」
「Generally,that's right.」
「The second rocket was "Baby T". This was also launched in 1955. 」
「What does the "T" stand for ? 」
「It stand for temperature.」
「The third rocket is "Baby R", and it attached a photography function to the "Baby T". 」
「That is ,now common in rockets today. 」
「Although it was unorthodox, the charm attached to Professor Hideo Itokawa's car was attached to No. 1 of this rocket.」
「I think that he thought that it was so important. 」
「Whoever be attachment for the things which their made own. 」

「Next,I will introduce the "Alpha rocket" made after the baby rocket.」
「What is Alpha ?」
「It is Greek.」
「Oh,I see.」

「Japan was hurrying the rocket with plans of a launch within the IGY period. 」
「Why say this?」
「As the inheritor of the "Baby rocket" the "Kappa rocket" was developed by Japan.
But since the alpha rocket was completed previously, it was adopted instead. 」
「Please reply to my question. 」
「He will surely teach you later. 」

「Finally "Kappa rocket" is introduced. 」
「I see.」


「It was the first rocket to be made in Japan for the purpose of observing the earth. 」
「Observe the earth...? I feel a little strange of incongruity. 」
「Of course, it is the language seldom heard these days. 」
「Possibly all of the earth has already been investigated. 」
「This is true.」

「This rocket was also made accordingly for the IGY. 」
「What is that?」
「It is the "International Geophysical Year". That is, a countries cooperate to observe the earth.」
「Why is it necessary why to cooperate?」
「It is good because funds increase and efficiency also increases.」

「These are all the rockets which Japan made in the 1950s. 」
「Please also tell me about the inventions of the following age,too. 」
「Please settle down. 」

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