「Do you know the name of Japan's first artificial satellite?」
「Well………I do not know, is it "eggplant" Maybe」
「There is no such satellite!!The answer is"Ohsumi"」
「Ohsumi? It is a strange name.」
「The origin of this name had the rocket range where this satellite was launched It is Kagoshima Osumi Peninsula」

Japan's first satellite!

「You said Japan's first satellite. When is was launched?」
「Is February 11, 1970.Institute of Space and Aeronautical University is
one of the predecessor of the current JAXA has launched」
「That's a pretty old.」
「Exactly.Japan became the fourth country satellite launching the world
after the Soviet Union and the United States,
in France by this launch.」
「But it was still the fourth………」
「Never regret it。There is one feature in the "ohsumi" in Japan.
It is Studied only in the purely private, it was the development of non-military purpose.
「That is, what kind of thing? 」
「Satellite launch in other countries, which was associated with the development of ballistic missiles for military purposes e.g. the Apollo program that mankind has reached the moon for the first time So that was what was planned vs the Soviet Union during the Cold War the U.S. and the space development Often contain quite a few military elements.」
「This political story is too difficult for me .but,anyhow,"Ohsumi" of Japan is peaceful ! 」
「Well,it Such an interpretation is true.
I wish I could just space development in pure scientific interest…….
but,That the situation is difficult for an adult」
「A doctor is also an adult…….」

Great step

「By the way,what was the purpose of this "Osumi"?」
「After all,This is the first artificial satellite.
As various modern high-performance satellite, did not astronomical and meteorological observations.
Equipment that is equipped with only a simple radio transmitter and accelerometer and thermometer.
Because there was the original purpose of the technical test of "Is it possible to launch a satellite actually" only.

「Your face looks frustration.
However we must not forget. Small satellite by only 1m length of this The history of Japanese unmanned space exploration embarked.
Look at this picture to prove it.」

「Wow! It is amazing the number of people!
Everyone looks happy having the Japanese flag .」
「It is an image that captures the people were glad to hear that this is successfully launched Osumi. Many people in Japan would have pleased even when the Hayabusa Satellite were returned to Earth? "Many people have interests in space exploration era is changed." The beginning of such a matter of course came from "Osumi" this.」
「That is, thanks to the Osumi originally I was also interested in the development of the universe ...?」
「That's right.It is a great step in the history of Japan's space development indeed.」
「Then I should thank Ohsumi. Thank you , Ohsumi.」
「By the way, Osumi was left in space for 33 years after the launch actually.」
「Oh! no way! So perhaps now still in the sky ...?」
「It was good but not then.
Time 30.3 ° N latitude at 5:45 am on August 2, 2003,
that he was burned out and re-entry into the atmosphere near the border of Libya,
North Africa, and Egypt In particular the position of the time 25.0 east longitude.
It is regrettable.

「The great predecessors have already disappeared.」
「However, Osumi has taken a step'll certainly has been passed down still.」
「I'm very impressed.I've been moved to tears for me.」
「Finally, I will show a picture of the body of the Osumi.」
「It is small than I thought.」
「I am uniquely meaningful to hopes and dreams that had been packed into this small body.」

To the Kiku No.8