Coarse study that coils round space development

I will introduce a small place of the space development.

「I want to know more I space development!」
「The desire to learn of Hiroko does not know the place to stay. Then I will introduce sometrivia.」
「What is trivia?」
Trivia very detailed are coarse study knowledge and matters. Seemingly, it is actually terrible and happy to examine this though it is knowledge without seeming useful.
It might be able to have the intimacy or more of the space development in it.
「Shall I live at doctor's trivia time it?」

Knowledge that can be used from tomorrow

The place where the rocket development of Japan had been supported was exactly a moorland at first.
Uchinoura space observation point now indispensable for JAXA. However, the place also : before whether …….

A large amount of garbage is tossed about space around the earth.
Space that overflows in dream and hope. Is it waste that overflows really?

There is a prize of the name 'Silver Snoopy prize'.
Actually, the most valuable prize. Well, will the one sent by what kind of person?