The place where the rocket development of Japan had been supported
was exactly a moorland at first.

「What? What kind of thing is this one trivia?」

「At first, the rocket development of Japan was chiefly done in the place of road river proving ground in the Akita Prefecture Iwaki-cho (present Honjo City, Yuri).
However, it was a limit in this proving ground when advancing so that the rocket may go up gradually high. 」
「Why is it that I was no use at the test site?」

「The rocket flies more far away.
Known street and Akita Prefecture coast face the Sea of Japan. The distance with the Eurasia coast is the shortest and about 600km.
It fails in the control of the rocket, and it is likely to become the cause of the international problem if it crashes into a continental side.

「Indeed, …… is not the method then in the change. 」
「Then, the candidate site search of a new proving ground started in 1960.
Local investigate nationwide various places' being surveyed, and having been done finally : in the Kagoshima Prefecture Osumi peninsula east shore Uchinoura-cho (town with a present liver). 」

Sacred ground Uchinoura-cho

「Dr. Itokawa is actually visiting the site investigation of this Uchinoura-cho.
And, the himself Dr. Itokawa seeing, turning, and having decided the proper land at the end are this places, and Uchinoura mayor tsubo districts. 」
Scenery before Uchinoura mayor tsubo district is constructed
「…… The Dr., though it sees only in the mountain seemingly」
「Exactly,It was a free moorland first.」
「Is here developed as a rocket proving ground, and did it come in the place where the kappa rocket and space satellite Ohsumi was launched several years later ……?」
「The street. Moreover, the place where public transport was good was not able to say, and was not a way at all in an Uchinoura-cho at that time from Tokyo from which it hung by the train also more than the a half the 2nd.
It seems to have been a state that the bus that boarded it always shook because the road had not been satisfactorily maintained.

「Predecessors were enthusiastic about the rocket development to the point where such a hardship was got over. 」
「Of course, it is not only them. It was atmosphere that the entire Uchinoura-cho at that time supported, and assisted in this proving ground. Actually, the appearance of the town of the day when the space observation point is begun the construction is this. 」
Appearance of curtain and town that celebrates observation point beginning the construction
「It falls on the curtain, and it is welcomed terribly. 」
「It is space with a lot of people's assistance and cooperation as saying many times development. 」
Present Uchinoura space observation point

Present Uchinoura space observation point (c)JAXA

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